Ride with us this Winter.  Take a Gator or Walk the Trails or just come help us build the Seed Houses.  We start after Thanksgiving getting ready for Spring.  10,000 square feet of Green house will be in production by April 2020.  We want to thank our Guests this past season for making it our best.  It’s not often that you find people giving enough to pay to work to provide food for those that can’t afford fresh produce.  We still have work to do, but let’s have some fun this winter.  Dates will be posted as soon as we take a little down time after the season.  Check back by November 1, 2019 for details!

Thank you all.

Housing Pre-development Planning sponsored by: 

the mill farm initiative

"This project is funded by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs".

White's Mill Pond Dam

GZA has prepared the minimum design that is displayed above.  The Foot Bridge has been excluded due to time constraints with permitting.  The Town has been offered the Dam to maintain for the Residents as they do the Dam that creates the Lake.  The offer has not been excepted, therefore, we will continue with the Restoration of the River. That minimum amount is $1.5 million to breach.  The alternative costs are exponential.  The Dam was included in a Study of 14 Dams in Massachusetts conducted by Tighe & Bond to ensure that all these "High Hazard, Poor Conditioned" Dams are treated the same.  We place Public Safety, first and foremost.


We have accepted a plan for an 800 square foot house to provide housing for the first Farm Family.  This will allow for a Seed House to be establish and overseen for Spring start up.  The Barn and Bays will allow us to build inside during the winter months.  We look forward to the New Family Farmer.  Small Farms were the lifeblood of the Country.  Now, the rate of disappearing Family Farms has increased 40% over the last ten years.  Literally, disappearing and changing the Rural Landscape.  Changing how we eat and what’s in it.  We help grow Farmers.  Small, sustainable, passionate Farmers.   

Thanks, Everyone for volunteering to can and deliver the harvest.  We stocked Pantries with fresh produce that our Grandparents really appreciate.  



"When you pick a pound, pay for two, look at all the good that you can do"